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API Design

  Estimated time required: 8 hours
  Course books included   Certification included

Learn the fundamentals of PHP design with a focus on how you design and build long-lived RESTful APIs, user expectations and needs, using GraphQL, and using websockets with PHP. Upon completion of this course you will be prepared to take our API Certification exam.

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Beginning PHP

  Estimated time required: 10 hours
  Course books included

Learn the basics of PHP in this course, covering what makes PHP different from other languages, creating your first PHP script, writing and understanding object oriented code, using Composer, testing your apps, handling data, using frameworks, and additional resources to help guide you on your journey - complete with hands on labs and exercises available on GitHub.

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GDPR & Privacy

  Estimated time required: 4 hours

In this short course you'll learn more about data security, encryption, and privacy. First we'll cover what GDPR is, and what it means for your business, followed by best data practices including how to ensure your data is not only properly stored, but can be deleted to meet GDPR requirements.

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Git & Version Control

  Estimated time required: 5 hours
  Course books included

Become a Git Ninja with this course. You'll start off with an introduction to Git, followed by more advanced concepts, Git tips and tricks, and finally practical ways to improve and speed up code reviews.

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PHP Security

  Estimated time required: 7 hours

In this course you'll learn why your system is not secure, and how easy it is to make your own virus taking advantage of a simple security risk or oversight. More importantly, you'll learn how to prevent others from doing the same to your application as our speakers cover web application security, the OWASP Top 10, password authentication, cryptography, managing different types of attacks including DDoS attacks, and how to craft website errors and messaging to prevent leaking sensitive architectural information.

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